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IT Manager

« We connect the dots between ambition and opportunity. Our platform is uniquely designed for professionals who seek more than just a job and for businesses that need more than just a freelancer. »

More than freelancers

Harness the Power of Seasoned Experts for Results That Go Beyond Typical Freelance Solutions

Motivated by professional growth and challenge, not solely by income.
Continuously enhancing skills through experience in top companies, offering current and relevant expertise.
Producing high-quality output as professionals accustomed to a culture of excellence.
Providing a high return on investment due to advanced skills and strategic insights.
Bringing cutting-edge practices to the table, offering innovative and strategic thinking.
Suited for long-term partnerships, aligning with business growth and development goals.
Offering access to broad professional networks, fostering business opportunities and collaborations.
Experienced with corporate environments, ensuring smooth integration and alignment with team dynamics.
Actively advancing within dynamic corporate settings, maintaining the latest industry insights.
Driven by a passion for diversity in projects and professional enrichment.

The cost effective way to hire industry experts

Streamlined Recruitment

Directly connect with pre-vetted experts, reducing time and costs associated with the traditional hiring process.

Efficient Project Execution

Leverage the experience of Tilvo professionals for efficient and effective project completion, saving time and resources.

Flexible Engagements

Hire experts for exactly what you need, when you need it, optimizing project budgets and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Zero Overhead Costs

Eliminate typical employment overhead like office space and equipment, as Tilvo professionals are self-sufficient.

Long-term Value

The strategic insights and innovative solutions provided by Tilvo experts can drive growth and efficiency, offering significant long-term value.

Top-Tier Talent, Flexible Commitment

Access elite expertise for specific projects without the overhead of full-time salaries and benefits, offering a cost-effective solution for high-level skills.

Fortune 500 handpicked expertise

Fortune 500 Employment Verification

We rigorously verify each professional's employment history to confirm their experience in Fortune 500 companies, ensuring a background of working in high-performance, demanding environments.

Skill and Achievement Review

Our process includes a detailed review of the specific roles and accomplishments within these companies, highlighting their contributions to major projects and corporate initiatives.

Leadership and Teamwork Assessment

Special emphasis is placed on evaluating the leadership and collaborative skills developed in these high-caliber environments, ensuring our professionals can effectively lead and contribute to diverse teams.

Continuous Corporate Engagement

We prioritize professionals who are actively engaged in their corporate roles or have a recent history in such positions, ensuring they bring the most up-to-date practices and insights.

By focusing on Fortune 500 credentials, Tilvo guarantees a network of professionals who are not just skilled but also adept at navigating complex, dynamic business landscapes, bringing invaluable insights and a strategic edge to your projects.