Amp Up Success:
Uniting Talent and Innovation

Transforming the Work Landscape:
The Tilvo Mission
Tilvo is unlocking a new paradigm of work where elite talents extend their expertise beyond a single organization. By engaging with multiple companies, these exceptional individuals maximize their impact, driving innovation across various sectors. This approach not only accelerates professional growth and organizational success but also amplifies societal progress.

Our vision for a happier and more engaged corporate workforce

By engaging in stimulating side projects, professionals can satisfy their craving for variety and challenge, while also equipping them with fresh perspectives and skills. Consequently, these individuals often become more innovative, engaged, and effective in their primary roles at Fortune 500 companies. Tilvo's unique model benefits both the individual and their primary employer, creating a win-win scenario where enhanced personal satisfaction leads to increased productivity and creativity in their main roles.

Our Story

As former corporate employees, our founders, Eric and Paul, experienced firsthand the prestige of the corporate world but also its limitations in providing true stimulation, passion, and challenge in the long run. This lack of fulfillment led them to entrepreneurship, where they faced the hurdle of accessing top-tier talent. Recognizing this gap, they asked themselves “What if we could create a platform that allows top employed professionals to expand their career horizons with innovation and challenge, without leaving their secure jobs?” This question led to the birth of Tilvo: a platform bridging the divide. Tilvo emerged as a solution for professionals craving meaningful challenges and for businesses needing exceptional expertise to achieve breakthroughs.

Our Core Values


Passion is our cornerstone: we believe it fuels the drive to excel, and we channel this energy into providing the best experience for our users.


Innovation is in our DNA. We're creating new paradigms, redefining the professional landscape and revolutionizing how work is approached and achieved.


We believe in honesty and transparency, fostering trust and respect in all our relationships.


We are committed to empowering both employees, startups and organizations, enabling them to discover and leverage their full potential.

Meet our founders

Eric Perigny

Eric, a cornerstone of our founding team, exemplifies the ideal fusion of corporate acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. His educational background includes an MBA and participation in the 'Entrepreneurship in Technology' program at MIT's Sloan School of Management, providing him with a unique perspective. Recognized for guiding companies to substantial growth and successful exits, Eric's expertise goes beyond mere leadership — he is a visionary reshaping the business world. 

Paul Begin

Paul is a transformative leader with a track record of success as both an entrepreneur and a key figure in large corporations. Renowned for pioneering innovative team management and operational strategies, he excels in multiple industries. His ability to connect with people is central to his approach, leading to cohesive teams and thriving company cultures. Paul's diverse experience, encompassing entrepreneurial ventures and significant roles in major corporations, grants him a multifaceted perspective in driving growth and innovation. His forward-thinking leadership style makes him a pivotal figure in shaping dynamic business environments, blending entrepreneurial agility with corporate efficiency.