Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

What is Tilvo?

Tilvo is a pioneering platform that connects Fortune 500 professionals seeking stimulating projects from various companies and startups in need of their expertise. Our mission is to offer these employees engaging, skill-enhancing opportunities outside their regular jobs, while providing organizations access to top-tier talent.

Who can join Tilvo?

Tilvo is designed for employees of Fortune 500 companies who feel underutilized or are seeking additional challenges and opportunities for growth.

Is there a fee to join Tilvo?

Joining Tilvo as a Fortune 500 Expert or as an organization/business is free, offering an accessible platform for professionals and businesses to connect without upfront costs.

How does Tilvo match professionals with projects?

Our platform uses a blend of human interactions and an intelligent matching algorithm that considers the professional's skills, interests, and availability, along with the project's requirements and objectives, to suggest the most suitable matches.

How does Tilvo handle confidentiality and data security?

We take confidentiality and data security seriously, implementing strict protocols and agreements to protect all parties involved. Professionals and companies are also encouraged to sign NDAs where necessary.

How are payments between Experts and businesses managed on Tilvo?

Payments for projects are securely facilitated through an escrow system, ensuring professionals are compensated upon project completion and businesses pay only for satisfactory results.


Fortune 500 Experts FAQ

How can I find projects matching my skills on Tilvo?

Create your profile with your skills and interests, and Tilvo's matching algorithm will suggest projects that align with your expertise, from startups to large corporations. Prompt responses to project invitations are crucial to ensure timely engagement.

I worked at a Fortune 500 company in the past but I'm currently employed elsewhere, can I join Tilvo?

No, Tilvo is exclusively designed for current employees of Fortune 500 companies. Our platform specifically targets professionals who are actively engaged in these organizations, ensuring the most relevant and up-to-date industry expertise for the projects.

Can I work on Tilvo projects while being employed full-time?

Yes, Tilvo is designed for professionals seeking additional challenges outside their regular job. We recommend checking with your employer's policies on external engagements to ensure compliance.

What kind of projects can I find on Tilvo?

Projects on Tilvo vary widely, including strategic consulting, software development, marketing campaigns, financial analysis, and creative design, ranging from short-term tasks to longer-term collaborations.

Can experts choose their projects?

Yes, as an expert, you have the freedom to select projects that align with your interests and expertise, ensuring a fulfilling and relevant professional experience.

How does Tilvo support my professional growth?

Tilvo provides unique opportunities to work on a variety of projects, helping you to build your portfolio, expand your network, and grow your career outside your full-time job.

Are professional profiles publicly visible on Tilvo?

At Tilvo, we hold confidentiality and discretion in high regard. Professional profiles are not publicly accessible on our platform. A profile may only be featured on our website with the explicit consent and approval of the professional involved. This occurs through a clear and direct request to the professional. Normally, professionals are privately invited to projects. If they agree to be considered for a particular project, only then is their profile made visible to the specific client. This approach ensures that our professionals have full control over the visibility of their information and maintains their privacy.

Corporate Customers FAQ

How does Tilvo ensure quality and reliability?

We have a rigorous vetting process. For professionals, we verify their employment with a Fortune 500 company and assess their skills and experience.

Can businesses choose their professionals?

Yes, Tilvo provides handpicked profiles and gives businesses the freedom to select experts based on their specific needs and preferences.

What types of projects can I post as an employer?

Tilvo offers a diverse array of projects across various industries, suitable for professionals seeking both short-term assignments and longer-term engagements.

How can Tilvo benefit my business?

Tilvo connects your business with highly skilled professionals from Fortune 500 companies, offering specialized expertise to efficiently and effectively fulfill your project requirements.

How can we ensure commitment from professionals we hire?

Professionals on Tilvo, coming from top-tier corporate backgrounds, are motivated to uphold their reputations and are contractually committed to delivering high-quality work for your projects.

Is satisfaction guaranteed?

PYes, Tilvo ensures satisfaction through a stringent selection process for professionals and a robust project management system that oversees the quality and timely delivery of work.